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Hi. I’m Thomas.

Thanks for visiting the companion site to GMAT Clarity.
I scored a 750 (the 98th percentile) on the GMAT through imperfect self-study.
I’m passionate about making your GMAT self-study perfect
and have spent the last three years writing, testing and refining
GMAT Clarity to help you achieve that goal.


Sample Chapters

Want to see what this GMAT self-study trainer is all about? “Look inside” it on, or download three sample chapters here: “Introduction,” “GMAT Overview and Diagnostic,” and “Learn Phase.” “Introduction” explains the goals of the book and my background. “GMAT Overview and Diagnostic” will help you accurately gauge your initial GMAT skills, and “Learn Phase” introduces and then shows the schedule for the first phase of a course. Please check these sample chapters out!

The Online Packet contains resources that support GMAT Clarity: tables, sheets, etc. Please request your packet below. Your email will be kept confidential.

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$75 Consultation

My direct guidance on your self-study course.

I offer GMAT prep consultations as a supplement to the book. Working one-on-one together, we can accomplish more than is possible through the text alone. A consultation ensures that you complete an optimal self-study course.

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